May 29, 2017

Dümmen Orange introduces Code of Conduct

The Netherlands, May 29 2017 – Dümmen Orange has established a Code of Conduct that is intended to provide its employees with guidance on ethical standards in connection with their role and responsibilities.

Biense Visser, CEO: “Our everyday actions make us who we are—and continually shape who we will become—as a business, a brand and a global example of kinder, wiser industry practices”. The principles included in the Code of Conduct apply to each employee of Dümmen Orange – regardless of their seniority, the position held and the level of responsibility.

In the coming weeks we will communicate and share our Code of Conduct to all collegues across the globe. In addition, through the new Whistleblowing Policy – which will be introduced at the same time – we will inform everyone on how an alleged breach of the Code of Conduct can be reported by any colleague. Being a fast growing, leading global horticultural breeder, Dümmen Orange is continuously committed to promote best practices.

You can find our Code of Conduct under the header "About us"