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Dümmen Orange / Ecke breeding

800 Ecke Ranch Rd.
Encinitas, CA 92024

Sales contacts

Robert Melendez

Sales Manager Bulbs West Coast & LATAM

T +1 831 737 7538

Wen Yi Feng (Jeffrey)

Sales Phalaenopsis (Worldwide)

T +886-988020393

Angela Storm

Sales Manager West

T +1 614-557-4502

Peter Van Grouw

Sales Manager Northeast

T +1 614-565-9975

Nathan Sell

Sales Manager Midwest

T +1 614-816-4382

Rebecca Lusk

Retail Director NA

T +1 443-398-4931

Jennifer Kuziw

Eastern Tropicals Sales Manager

T +1 614-867-3558

Andrew Konicki

Sales Director - Dümmen Orange Delta

T +1 614-314-7323

Emily Mason

Integrated Product Team Junior Leader - Bed & Balcony

T +1 614-425-0136

Christa Boerlage

Product Manager Cut Flowers

T +1 805-407-0758

Zoltan Kovacs

Product Manager Perennials

T +1 203-537-9680

Heather Hydoski

Sales Manager Western Tropicals

T .

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Visitor Address
Via Santa Maria, 35/A
04010 Latina
+39 0773 643132

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