5 janvier 2024

Crop Specialist & Hygiene Supervisor

Encinitas, CA, USA

Key Qualifications

·       Horticulture, Plant Science or Entomology degree preferable

·       Minimum of 2 years of greenhouse experience in crop protection

·       Bi-lingual (English and Spanish) highly desirable

·       Knowledge of the principles of safe handling of chemicals and proper use of PPE.

·       Knowledge of IPM Fundamentals

·       Work experience and demonstrated skill in the operation of equipment used for chemical applications

·       Ability to keep exact and detailed records of all Applications

·       Knowledge of standard greenhouse practices and Plant propagation


Primary Duties and responsibilities:

·       Regularly perform scouting of all crops to establish and implement the best plant protection rotation and adjust as needed

·       Create application schedule for all crops at the Farm

·       Forecast and control the inputs used for crop protection and hygiene activities

·       Maintain proper storage, handling and reporting of chemical inventory, supplies specific to chemical applications and personal safety.

·       Interact with farm staff, region management, and state and local inspectors

·       Prepare and submit required reports to USDA and Agricultural Department to ensure Farm compliance with current rules and regulations

·       Schedule and maintain Annual Pesticide Safety training records for all applicators and Field Workers.

·       Maintain adequate chemical inventory and prepare chemical or related equipment purchase according with given budget

·       Monitor and investigate disease-infected plants with in-house testing and/ or submit samples to external laboratories for diagnosis to ensure proper treatment

·       Perform other related duties as requested.



·       Ability to Adhere to hygiene protocols

·       Safety Oriented

·       Ability to work well in a team setting

·       Ability to prioritize and delegate

·       Effective, appropriate and timely communication with internal and external customers

·       Able to work with and follow given budgets

·       Ability to identify limitations and request assistance as necessary to perform the job



·       Follow work hours of Agricultural – Farming Operations

·       Must be able to function within agricultural environment with regards to dust, noise, odors

·       Ability to work flexible hours; may require an adjusted work schedule (evenings and/or weekends, holidays)

·       While performing the duties of this job employee is frequently exposed to cold, wet/and or humid conditions, outside weather conditions and extreme heat, moving mechanical parts, toxic or caustic chemicals

·       Must be able to perform: lifting (up to 45 lb), bending, standing, excessive walking and pulling

·       Must wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment at all times



·       Use the available help to improve written trainings and established procedures

·       Take an active part in establishing and improving safety standards

·       Follow and respect the company rules as written in the Code of Conduct

·       Follow company policies and safety rules as presented during orientation and other meetings