Dare to bloom


Joining Dümmen Orange means becoming part of a flourishing global enterprise with purpose and ambition. We believe in making a positive impact in everything we do, cultivating a sense of purpose that goes beyond business. Moreover, we offer a dynamic, international working environment that encourages your personal and professional growth. If you're ready to dare to bloom and positively contribute to the floriculture industry and the world, then Dümmen Orange is your place.

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Employee Development

Our core values include caring for our employees and fostering their professional and personal growth. We actively work towards creating a culture of continuous learning, effective execution, and global inclusion. Moreover, we have processes, programs, and tools available to support your growth as an individual, expert, or leader — no matter what stage of your career.



Diversity, Equality & Inclusion


At Dümmen Orange, we have a saying that we are in the flower business and also in the people business. That’s because we know that creating a beautiful product starts first and foremost with our people.


For this reason, we strongly value diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) and are committed to treating all employees fairly and respectfully. In fact, we know that our strength as a company stems from this diversity and the unique perspectives we bring to the workplace. The collective sum of our employees’ differences, unique capabilities, and talents enables our One Dümmen Orange culture.


A diverse, equal, and inclusive organization also means a more rich, interesting, pleasant, and fulfilling work environment where you can develop your professional and personal ambitions.