Logistics Assistant

250 South High Street, Columbus, OH, USA

Job Summary

This position reports to the Logistics Manager and is responsible for the safe and timely delivery of all shipments to customer and the tracking and management of inter-company orders from a logistics standpoint.

Key Qualifications 

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office software, especially Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to perform mathematical and written tasks as necessary to meet job tasks
  • Requires high level of detail and accuracy
  • Requires immediate response to questions and issues relating to freight and product delivery. Includes willingness to be available for calls and questions at night and weekends
  • Ability to identify limitations and request assistance as necessary to obtain sales goals
  • Demonstrate ability to prioritize tasks and manage multiple requests on a daily basis
  • Demonstrate ability to serve customer needs effectively and efficiently
  • Demonstrate appropriate verbal and written communication skills to perform job tasks; this position requires frequent interface with many internal and external contacts
  • Ability and willingness to learn


Essentials Functions:

  • Day-to-day responsible for scheduling, tracking, tracing, routing, and problem-solving shipments
  • Provide shipment information and support for production in form of labels, truck manifests, load and dock sequences, etc.
  • Approves box changes and sets DIM and actual weigh in system for calculation of freight rates and charges
  • Supports product development and other Dümmen Orange areas with freight service and tracking to support special shipment of trial product to and from Dümmen Orange locations
  • Other tasks as directed by management

Position responsibilities essential to performance include:

  • Volume and quality of work to Dümmen Orange standards
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Appropriate use of Dümmen Orange property and resources within authority
  • Ability to work well with others and communicate appropriately
  • Ability to perform job duties with a minimum of direction
  • Ability to work as a team member to resolve immediate customer or production issues relating to safe, cost-effective, and timely delivery of product to our customers
  • Work safely and promote safety within the department and Dümmen Orange
  • Ability to work cooperatively with internal and external contacts. Ability to appropriately carry out multiple tasks, and work in an environment that may involve stressful situations


  • College degree or equivalent
  • Spanish language proficiency preferred, but not required


  • Experience in logistics and freight shipment scheduling, tracking and tracing is preferred, but not required

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