Jr. Regional Sales Manager - Southeast Region

250 South High Street, Columbus, OH, USA

Job Summary

This full time, exempt, and at-will position reports to the North American Sales Director and is responsible for the assigned territory of the Southeast region of the United States. The assigned territory is subject to change based on business needs. The incumbent’s primary focus is on an assigned geographic sales area and product lines to maximize sales revenues and meet corporate objectives.

Key Qualifications

  • 7 years of greenhouse operations and industry experience – preferably Dümmen Orange crops
  • Adept at data analysis and results reporting
  • Proven organizational capacity
  • Strong interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills
  • Bachelor’s degree required in related field and Master’s in business preferred


The Regional Sales Manager’s primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Educate key customers and broker representatives on Dümmen Orange products
  • Coordinate with product management regarding the different markets and needs
  • Prepare an annual sales plan with budget which, depending on the goals, involves visiting the customers in target areas once or more times a year
  • Achieve optimal progress in sales and marketing process in conjunction with other business processes
  • Reach quality objectives, assisting and advising partners where needed
  • Set sales goals and realize the appointed target areas
  • Participate in key industry events promoting product line
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with Dümmen Orange employees and customers (brokers, growers, retailers) - coaching, motivating, and inspiring them to succeed
  • Promote the core values of the company
  • Attend, complete and apply assigned, position-specific compliance trainings

Physical Demands & Working Conditions:

The incumbent will complete extensive domestic and international travel. The work day may frequently include long periods of computer-based work and conference calls to be scheduled at the mutual convenience of hemispheric and global counterparts.

Essential Functions Include: 

PLANNING - Responsibilities:

  • Set annual targets for the sales forecast
  • Regularly evaluate sales and stimulate to the maximum
  • Specify quality of the end product
  • Maintain customer delivery planning
  • Maintain and extend customer relationships and take on new opportunities
  • Track promotion and marketing needs
  • Establish brand image and identity in each market

PLANNING - Competence:

  • Determine market size, identify, and evaluate SMART objectives per market
  • Propose targets and align with product management and sales director
  • Determine the quality norms for product in the territory
  • Notify and update front office in regards to shipments
  • Determine and execute travel/customer visits
  • Determine needs of others to travel, for example growth advisor
  • Customize objectives to image and identity

LEADERSHIP - Responsibilities:

  • Direct relationships with customers, brokers, and Dümmen Orange sales managers
  • Responsible for customers planning in territory
  • Responsible for all customer communication, both internally as well as outside the company  
  • Promote the core values of the company
  • Adjust sales with production planning, finance, and administration
  • Identify possible market opportunities of new products and/or grow technical opportunities during travel

LEADERSHIP - Competence:

  • Visit customers and invite them to strengthen the relationships
  • In consultation with product management and sales director to determine when to send crop specialists etc. to customers
  • Decide on delivery moments and communicate this in a timely manor to all involved
  • Serve as an example and inspire superior performance
  • Identify the assortment needs of the territory

EXECUTION - Responsiblities:

  • Responsible for financial, administrative, and sales decisions within assigned territory
  • Function as team player, together with logistics, marketing, product management, and production planning
  • Implement marketing plans and achieve sales budget in territory
  • Maintain and extend customer relations
  • Direct sales
  • Correct financial settlement of daily needs during traveling
  • Acquire new potential customers
  • Ensure that supplies are sent on time to customers

EXECUTION - Competence:

  • Share knowledge with other team members and, where needed, ask for knowledge and action in correspondence with product management and sales director
  • Substantially increase sales resources and opportunities, for example trade shows, posters, etc. contribute and apply
  • Close year-round orders
  • Visit customers in assigned territory
  • Make payments while traveling with assigned credit card
  • Stay up to date with changes in the territory
  • Deliver accurate information in a timely fashion so the logistics can take place on time

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