Growing together

At Dümmen Orange, we recognize that the floriculture industry’s activities — and our own — impact people, communities, and the environment. As a leading plant breeder and propagator, sustainability is strongly rooted in our company values, culture, and overarching strategy.

Sustainability at Dümmen Orange

As an innovative breeder, we prioritize developing and commercializing disease-resistant genetics under our Intrinsa label, enabling customers to cultivate more resilient flowers and plants. By reducing the need for agrochemicals, we empower growers, retailers, and end-consumers to adopt sustainable practices and promote a healthier ecosystem.




Our approach to sustainability


Our people are committed to driving sustainability and promoting responsible business practices throughout the value chain. This commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is embedded into every aspect of our operations, holding us accountable and keeping us on track with our sustainability goals. By prioritizing ESG in our floriculture operations, we can create shared value for all our stakeholders while contributing to a sustainable future for our planet.


Our key sustainability areas include:



Minimizing our environmental footprint;



Supporting the well-being of our people and the communities in which we operate;


Technological Development

Investing in research and technology that supports sustainable floriculture across the value chain.



We know that effective governance is critical in achieving our sustainability goals. For us, sustainability is not a separate issue to be addressed but an integral part of our overarching company strategy and business.


It is a core component of our Shared Vision and is, therefore, a strategic priority throughout our organization — it is our license to operate.


Internally, we have implemented a solid management structure representing all functions and regions within our global organization. We have internal audits to ensure our sustainability programs are consistently executed.


Externally, we are fully committed to complying with current and upcoming EU regulations, industry norms (FSI — Floriculture Sustainable Initiative), and certifications (MPS, KFC, Fairtrade, EHPEA). Annual audits take place to ensure we adhere to the agreed norms.