February 17, 2017

Pot roses to grow with Plantenkwekerij Valstar and Dümmen Orange

’The Netherlands, February 16 2017 – Plantenkwekerij Valstar plant nursery and breeder Dümmen Orange have signed an agreement concerning the production and marketing of the pot rose assortment in the Netherlands. For Valstar this offers opportunities for growth with a new product. For Dümmen Orange it is a logical step in its strategy to outsource the cultivation of end products which do not fit its core activities.  

 Jan Valstar: "Pot roses fit into our business. We noticed that our customers  are looking  for partners with a wide range of plants. Pot roses complement our current assortment which will enable us to become more important to our customers." The cultivation cycles will be prepared over the next few months so that the first roses can be sold in the second half of the year. The pot roses will be available in a 10.5 cm and a 12 cm pot and will be supplied in a full range of colours.

 Philippe Veys from Dümmen Orange: “Olij Breeding pot roses were added to the Dümmen Orange assortment in 2016. In Valstar we have found a solid, reliable partner which can further expand the market for this product group."

 The number of varieties currently available will be expanded over the coming period and the two companies will be working on positioning the entire line with a new image. During the preparatory phase, ideas were developed with regard to concepts and options that will be valuable for the market.

 Valstar's expertise and its professional set-up, including LED lighting, will enhance product quality. The extra focus on pot roses from a breeding angle will guarantee an innovative range of products.


Company profiles

Plantenkwekerij Valstar

Plantenkwekerij Valstar is a family business with over 100 years of cultivation experience. Flowering pot plants are grown at two sites, each boasting a high level of technical facilities. The high quality of the Begonia, pot chrysanthemum, Celosia and Platycodon plants grown here differentiates them from the standard market offer. As well as producing potted plants for the retail market, Valstar is a reliable partner in the cultivation of vegetable and ornamental plants. The Valstar team works hard every day to meet its customers' expectations, and adopts growing and working methods which demonstrate our ongoing commitment to minimising our environmental impact.  


Dümmen Orange

Dümmen Orange is a leading company in the breeding and development of cut flowers, bulbs, succulents, pot plants, bedding plants and perennials. Its turnover is approximately 240 million euros. The company employs more than 7,000 people worldwide. In addition to a large marketing and sales network, Dümmen Orange has a strong network of production sites. The key to Dümmen Orange’s success is a broad and deep product range, supported by a global supply chain. The company embraces its social responsibilities and invests in the health, safety and personal development of its staff.


More information:

Marco van der Sar – Marketing and Corporate Communication Manager at Dümmen Orange

m.vandersar@dummenorange.com / +31 (0)6 23 20 84 77

Tim Breugem – Director, Plantenkwekerij Valstar

tim@valstarplant.nl / +31 (0)6 39 09 79 43