March 30, 2021

Introduction yellow power rose Momentum+®

Dümmen Orange is launching its deep yellow rose Momentum+® today. Momentum+® has been specially developed by Dümmen Orange breeders for African rose growers. What makes this rose so special is its strength and the fact that its beautiful yellow blooms do not fade. Momentum+® has an excellent vase life and is ideal for use in both mono and mixed bouquets. As yellow as the sun, this intense rose brightens up even the dreariest day. Perfect for celebrating Easter and spring.

Radiant yellow rose
The deep yellow colour of the petals of Momentum+® contrasts beautifully with its elegant dark green leaves. The sunny look of this rose ties in perfectly with the rising demand from growers for colourful cut flowers. Other distinguishing features of Momentum+® are its strength and productivity. The stems of Momentum+® grow to between 40 and 70 centimetres in length. 

"The intense yellow colour is the first thing that catches the eye, of course," says Peter Mwangi, Sales Manager at Dümmen Orange. “The rose retains its colour in the vase, so it goes on giving maximum enjoyment to people. But what makes Momentum+® particularly special is its strength. The rose has a sturdy bud 4.5 to 5 cm in diameter which opens into a strong, symmetrical flower. The cylindrical shape of the blooms protects the petals better from bruising, making Momentum+® extremely resistant to transport and packaging damage. We are very proud of this promising new asset for the florist."