March 14, 2024

Dümmen Orange Set to Exhibit at New Location for CAST 2024

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Mar. 12, 2024) – Dümmen Orange is busy preparing to exhibit for the upcoming California Spring Trials (CAST) 2024 with a new location this year. Center of Effort will host Dümmen Orange in Arroyo Grande, Calif. from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time on March 19-22, 2024. 

Dümmen Orange has an extensive lineup of floricultural products ready to display during the company’s annual spring sojourn to the central California coast. Highlights this year will include showcasing Dümmen Orange’s unique genetics in annuals, perennials, potted crops, and houseplants. 

Intrinsa® petunias will be a focal point this year at CAST 2024. Providing strong, long-lasting resistance to crops, Intrinsa® allows plants to be more reliable and sustainable. 

A few of those varieties set to display at CAST 2024 are DuraBloom® Yellow 2025 and Sweetunia Windmill Cherry.  

The Dümmen Orange Potunia®+ line of petunias receives a magical addition with Black Satin. Not only is the deeply dark color alluring for consumers, but its tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) resistance is provided by Intrinsa® and is a welcomed bonus for growers. Another plus for growers is Potunia®+’s bubble-shaped mounding habit and medium vigor which makes them an ideal grower petunia. Additional Potunia®+ varieties which Dümmen Orange will have on display at CAST 2024 include Spun Sugar, Purple 2025 and Yellow 2025. 

Dümmen Orange will be showcasing one of its biggest perennial displays ever at CAST 2024. 

Other quality perennials set to be featured by Dümmen Orange at CAST 2024 include the following: 

Buddleja Little Rockstars Red – The new Little Rockstars Buddleja series is proof that great things come in small packages. The compact plant is adorned with lots of beautiful cone-shaped bloom, and the size is just right for small pot production of 1-2 gallons. It looks like a floral bouquet all season long. Little Rockstars Purple and White are joined by Blue, Pink and Red for a complete color assortment. These little stars are sure to rock in zones 5-9.

Delosperma Solstice Yellow – The new Solstice series shines as bright as the sun. The centers of each of the six varieties are a warm and glowing sun-like yellow. Each variety is surrounded by can’t miss at retail, highlighter-style colors. What makes the Solstice series unique is the large size of flowers. Its medium habit is ideal for medium pot production anywhere from 1-gallon to 10-inch and hanging baskets. It performs well in zones 6-9. 

Dianthus Cliff Pink Spot – Dümmen Orange continues to expand its Dianthus breeding with the introduction of the new Cliff series. The new Cliff offers early flowering, long-lasting blooms and excellent landscape performance are additional benefits of this new hardy dianthus series made for zones 4-9.

Dianthus Pemán Red – The Pemán series was introduced in North America three years ago and continues to attract customer interest. Dümmen Orange is excited to introduce Pemán Red as the fifth color to the series. With its compact size and excellent landscape performance, this variety deserves front placement due to its great landscape performance. It is an excellent early season crop suitable for 1-quart to 1-gallon production, excelling in zones 4-9.

Annuals set to be featured by Dümmen Orange at CAST 2024 include the following: 

New Guinea Impatiens Roller Coaster Hot Magenta – Hot Magenta may cause some people to reach for their sunglasses – even in the shade. This is one of three new popular colors added to the Roller Coaster series of New Guinea Impatiens. These varieties are unique in the ruffled appearance of their flower petals, creating an almost three-dimensional look. Consumers will love them in containers and hanging baskets wherever they need pops of color in shade. Suggested for 2.5-quart to 3-gallon pot production.

Scaevola Scala Cappello White – This new sub-series within Scala amplifies heat and drought tolerance for scaevola. Fan-shaped flowers shine in three colors (purple, blue and white) on well-branching plants with a medium bushy and upright habit. Suggested pot sizes for production are 1-quart and 2.5-quart.

Verbena Empress® Sun Kiss White – This brand-new verbena series defies expectations when it comes to heat and humidity tolerance. All four colors in the series (Blue, White, Red, Pink) possess a mounding habit with a compact-medium vigor. It makes Empress® Sun Kiss the ideal item for premium 1-quart, 3-quart, and basket production. An excellent item for summer holiday promotions.

Please note that CAST 2024 is by appointment only. Interested attendees can reserve their visit by contacting