March 21, 2019

Dümmen Orange Introduces Basewell™ Perennials

Perennial growers in North America now have access to a new rooting technology

Dümmen Orange introduces the next phase of Basewell™ at California Spring Trials, March 24-26 in San Luis Obispo. The Basewell assortment has been newly expanded to include top-selling perennial varieties, opening up the benefits of this innovative technology to perennial growers across North America.

Basewell was introduced to the North American market one year ago, and has seen a year of successful trialing and an increasing number of annual growers adopting this labor- and space-saving technology into their regular production programs. A new product form, Basewell young plants are propagated off-shore and feature advanced root development without growing media. This allows Basewell product to ship to growers from off-shore production locations, arriving ready to transplant directly into the finish container.

Perry Wismans, Global Head of Floriculture Innovation at Dümmen Orange, says, “Since the successful introduction of Basewell, we have made important adjustments to increase quality and reliability in Basewell deliveries. Based on grower feedback, specs have been adjusted to meet expectations and production methods between farms have been standardized to minimize production losses and maximize grower savings. By expanding the Basewell offerings in perennials and 3rd party annual genetics, Basewell becomes accessible for more growers in North America.”

Basewell delivers multiple benefits for perennial growers:

  • Simplifies processes with the ability to order rooted product directly from the production farm, decreasing order lead time to maximize flexibility in program planning.
  • Optimizes space with the ability to transplant directly into the finish container, allowing additional production turns and a reduction of propagation space.
  • Saves labor with Basewell™ Singles, individual cells suitable for ISO automated sticking and increased speed in hand transplanting.

Jeff LaCourse, Perennial Integrated Product Team Lead for Dümmen Orange, shares, “Parallel to the first successful Basewell launch in annuals, the Guatemalan-based perennial team has identified a core perennial program well-suited for Basewell. Basewell perennials will allow growers to produce more reliably and save costs. We invite growers to order a trial pack to experience the Basewell advantages firsthand.”

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