December 18, 2023

Dümmen Orange appoints Tosca Ferber as Managing Director R&D

Leading floriculture breeder and propagator Dümmen Orange has appointed Tosca Ferber as Managing Director R&D, effective January 1, 2024. She succeeds Hans van den Heuvel, following his decision to leave the company. Van den Heuvel currently serves as Managing Director R&D and is a longstanding member of the Executive Committee.


Hugo Noordhoek Hegt, CEO: ‘With her extensive experience, not only from previous leading positions within our R&D team, but also in her recent role as Head of Global Product Management, Tosca brings invaluable knowledge and vision crucial to our future innovation efforts. Her proven leadership and profound understanding of both the technical and commercial aspects of our company reassure us that we will continue to strive for excellence and innovation in floriculture breeding and breeding technology.’


Tosca Ferber holds a Ph.D. from Groningen University and joined Dümmen Orange as Research Director in 2016. She was instrumental in developing novel traits and technological tools for predictive breeding approaches. In 2023 she moved to the Head of Global Product Management position, where she led the strategic development of Dümmen Orange’s product portfolio.


Dümmen Orange regrets the departure of Hans van den Heuvel, a valued member of its leadership team. Hugo Noordhoek Hegt: ‘Hans’s commitment, dedication, and contributions to the success of our R&D department are material and very much appreciated. In light of our evolving perspective on the role of R&D within the company, Hans felt the need to create space for new R&D leadership. We respect his decision to leave us, and we wish him every success in his future endeavours.’


Hans van den Heuvel became a member of Dümmen Orange’s Executive Committee as Managing Director R&D in 2015 and has led – among other things – the establishment of Dümmen Orange’s Breeding Technology Centre in De Lier (the Netherlands), a high-tech home for pioneering international scientists, breeders, and specialists to set new standards for predictive breeding in the ornamental world.


Tosca Ferber will also succeed Hans van den Heuvel as a member of Dümmen Orange’s Executive Committee. Van den Heuvel remains with Dümmen Orange until June 1, 2024 and will gradually transfer his duties during that period. Hugo Noordhoek Hegt: ‘Our commitment to innovation and breeding advancement in floriculture remains unwavering, and under Tosca’s leadership we are confident that our world-class R&D team will reach new heights.’