April 10, 2023

A Garden Party to Remember for Dümmen Orange at CAST 2023

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Apr. 6, 2022) – Dümmen Orange recently hosted a 2023 California Spring Trials (CAST) garden party at Filipponi Ranch in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Highlights of the special product display featured the unveiling of new annuals and perennials which you can now find in Dümmen Orange’s 2024 Digital Highlights LookBook by clicking here.

The new Coleus Down Town series includes six bold additions to Dümmen Orange’s coleus collection. Coleus Down Town NYC Nights and Miami Magic were CAST favorites, each offering a different fine-textured and colorful foliage option. The series’ compact habit gives small spaces a bold look. Late flowering, its medium compact vigor allows for finishing in quarts and gallons. For indoor or outdoor use, durable box shipping will make this plant a boost to e-commerce sales.

Dahlia Revelation series will become the standard-bearer for uniform timing and habit in dahlias. Each of Revelation’s five new colors is exploding with large, semi-double flowers held aloft on strong stems above dark-green foliage. Revelation’s vigor makes these dahlias an excellent choice for both large containers and landscape plantings. Pink is especially pretty with its occasionally occurring bicolored petals. 

The star of the show is Ballerina’s®, the new Fuchsia series with its strong, day-neutral and well-branching plants that are naturally compact. Ballerina’s® are perfect fuchsias for early production, forming a promising market with high sales potential. The new series performs extremely well on balconies and terraces or in flower beds and borders. Ballerina’s® bloom reliably and persistently from early April to August. Their individual, pretty, medium-sized flowers attract bees and other pollinators throughout the entire summer season.

CAST 2023 welcomed the return of Dümmen Orange’s award-winning Leucanthemum Sweet Daisy™ series and included Sweet Daisy™ Izabel. Traditional white daisies are lovely, but Sweet Daisy™ Izabel’s unique yellow flowers are bright like the sun in an early summer landscape. With a high heat and humidity tolerance, Sweet Daisy™ Izabel’s compact habit is 14-16 inches. Cooling and vernalization benefits its early flowering, improves flower count, and enhances color. Suggested for 1-gallon and 2-gallon containers, Izabel is perfect for Zone 4.

Dümmen Orange showcased its Confetti Garden® and Garden Party combinations like Confetti Garden® Endurable Rose. Endurable Rose truly sets the bar high for large and luscious mixed petunia containers that can handle summer extremes. It makes a great choice for public plantings and residential settings alike. The first all-DuraBloom® mix, features in the mix top-selling varieties such as DuraBloom® Electric Lilac, DuraBloom® Royal Pink and DuraBloom® Silver.

I’Conia® Portofino Dark Orange adds vibrancy to the I’Conia® series. These hybrid begonias were bred for their medium size, vigor, semi-upright habit and timing. Their dark green foliage and double flowers are simply the icing on the cake. This all-important orange can be used alone in pots and baskets or planted in mixed combos for the ultimate crowd-pleasing performance.

Want to make a statement in your New Guinea Impatiens offerings? Then go with Dümmen Orange Magnums, a line of oversized, extra-large blooms. With blooms at least 3¼ inches across, consumers can’t help but notice these plants at retail. Rose Star is the first star pattern variety in the Magnum series, giving large containers (either mono or mixed) a perfect premium look. Use in 1-gallon or 2-gallon programs.

Pink Batik has joined the Pelargonium Big EEZE series, one of the most impressive geranium series available for retail sales. An interspecific hybrid with outstanding garden performance, Big EEZE has the heat tolerance of an ivy geranium and the look of a zonal. Pink Batik is a unique bicolor with a stable mosaic pattern on its large, impressive umbels. White is also a new color available in this series.

Perennials salvia nemorosa Noble Knight’s large purple-to-blue flowers may catch your eye, but the plant’s flower power is what will keep this salvia in your production rotation. Thick, weather-tolerant flowers are self-cleaning, and the plant remains attractive even when the petals do fall. A compact habit, great branching and early flowering sweeten the deal. Noble Knight is an ideal and easy first-year, flowering variety perfect for Zone 3.

With its super-compact, mounding habit and flowers beginning in early summer, Iberis hybrid Candy Sorbet fills an important space for June and July bloomers. Its purply-pink flowers are one of the most unique colors within the category and bloom for upwards of six weeks. Mounding clouds of blooms sit atop beautiful dark-green foliage. Candy Sorbet is suggested for 1-gallon or 2-gallon containers, and it works well for Zone 6.

For more information about Dümmen Orange 2024 annual and perennial new introductions click here.