19 May 2017

Product Manager, Annuals

United States

Job Summary

Primary product specialist in the product category they represent. Focus should be on ensuring product category success and messaging throughout the company internally and the customer/broker network externally.

Key Qualifications 

  • Cultural knowledge
  • Statistical analysis
  • Cultural knowledge of the product line
  • Computer literate and proficient
  • Organizational skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong presentation skills

Key Responsibilities Include:

  • Develop and execute crop strategy, which includes directing the breeding activities
  • Develop and maintain the trial and commercial assortment, and positioning of varieties
  • Organize and evaluate variety trials and manage Plant Breeder Rights (PBR)
  • Chair the interdisciplinary product team consisting of breeding, supply, sales, marketing, finance and Product Management
  • Support commercial organization
  • Maintain good market knowledge and insight

Additional Duties Include:

Marketing Analysis

  • Define target markets & product advantage to build share for product group.
  • Support coordination of production/sales plans, add/drop lists, and monitor execution and alignment with these plans.   
  • Plant Breeder Rights (PBR) Management. 
  • Responsible for weekly reporting (in season) on regions where live sales are (up, even, or down) and supporting sales where necessary in order to meet projection plans. In the case where plan falls below projection, responsible for documenting the reason for this.

Breeding & Trials

  • Work with R&D breeding division on breeding directives, product selections, and grower trials.
  • Manage trial sites, results, new product feedback, market demand, and customer needs to tailor portfolio and breeding directives annually.
  • Leverage Ignite and grower facilities in North America to build product knowledge and support selections.

Production Information

  • Work with technical team to build product knowledge (PK) sheets. Expected to have new introduction PK sheets completed by introduction of the product & to keep sheets current.
  • Provide feedback to sales & key accounts on product information & placement.
  • Support broker and grower customers on new product presentations, technical information, and troubleshooting.

Internal Communication Point

  • Contact for new product introductions to sales, marketing, stock production facilities, and technical teams.
  • Lead to schedule and plan annual Product Strategy meetings. These meetings should be scheduled based on critical timelines for the product category and should consist of representatives across multiple departments (specifics to be defined in collaboration with Operations Director).

Production Inventory

  • Provide customer service with updated substitution lists for portfolio at the start of each season.
  • Ensure that production plan and farm production projections are in alignment prior to the start of each season.
  • Throughout the season, monitor inventory and shortages within product portfolio.
  • Responsible for documenting by product any issues with production, higher (or lower) than anticipated demand, disease/insect issues, etc. This information will be leveraged when building the plan for the following year and identifying which varieties we need to be selecting improvements for.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture and/or Business

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