Strong for Sustainability

Dümmen Orange has embraced one of its core values Passionate Purpose, promising to unite the people and the planet in a vibrant circle that is sustaining and sustainable.

Strong for Sustainability

Dümmen Orange has embraced one of its core values Passionate Purpose, promising to unite the people and the planet in a vibrant circle that is sustaining and sustainable. Since then, Dümmen Orange has joined FSI 2025 ( and Sedex ( With these steps, Dümmen Orange shows commitment to act upon to the brand value.


Sustainability for Dümmen Orange is not based on empty promises. Dümmen Orange wants to be an industry leader in sustainability. Therefore, we are implementing iterative steps to fulfill the promise that Passionate Purpose stands for. Our goal is to improve year after year on all these topics: Evolving Excellence in Sustainability. We have broken down sustainability in key elements that can be measured, evaluated and improved.


Our Passionate Purpose and strong belief in our values guide our strategic investment in Our Mission, Our People and Our Planet. Through our CSR efforts we are committed to providing a healthy, safe and rewarding environment for our employees and their families; the strength and resilience of our value chains; and a clean environment for society at large as pillars of the economic success and sustainable growth of our business.


To carry out our sustainability ambition, we want to provide a healthy and safe work and living environment; provide a rewarding work and living environment; ensure good working conditions and operate in an environmental friendly way. It is our goal that all Dümmen Orange locations have their own policy that implements these principles. Cooperation and coordination between the locations ensure coherent policies. We have the people in place to guide this process.

Our people matter most

We promote safety inside and outside the work-space by supporting local initiatives, training or the establishment of such initiatives.

Safety first

As a company we take care of health and safety of all our employees and we aim to provide a healthy and safe environment for employees and their families. We comply with local rules and regulations, but also go above and beyond these requirements. All locations have a Health & Safety policy in which they assess, avoid and minimize hazards and risk from the origin instead of the problem.


We find it important to promote and create opportunities for employees to develop themselves via educational programs or training. By schooling and educating employees, career development is promoted and stimulated. To empower the local community, we promote and carry out activities based on the needs of local community needs. For example, by promoting basic and reliable education for children in areas, where this is lacking.

We take care of our environment environment

As a global ornamental breeding company we find it important to decrease our footprint and reduce our impact on the environment and ecosystem.

Lowering footprint

Living in a world where awareness for our planet is a must, we take responsibility. We are transparent in our production methods with respect to our workers and the environment. Therefore, we keep investing in techniques and innovations that lower our use of chemicals while maintaining the same level of crop protection. With the implementation of Integrated Pest Management, we are continuously improving our efforts to keep planet Earth a beautiful place for generations to come.


GreenGuard is the new protocol in the industry to meet growers and consumer demand. The result is sustainable grown products by customers, resulting from the Dümmen Orange GreenGuard production at our mother stock locations. By minimizing chemical residues, Dümmen Orange enables customers to introducing beneficials immediately to their crop. GreenGuard fits both Integrated Pest Management and customers plant resilience systems.



GreenCare is the phytosanitary policy of Dümmen Orange to deliver healthy and clean starting material to growers worldwide. It guides us to prevent, control and minimize phytosanitary risks from breeding to production. Greencare describes mandatory preventive hygiene measures for people and locations to keep plants clean. Greencare sets guidelines on how to control a clean stock of plants by diagnostic tests, scouting on pests and diseases, audits and inspections. If a symptom is detected Greencare prevents shipping of infected material and guides how to clean up the stock. Greencare connects a worldwide team to improve products and processes with the goal to learn from experience and do things better.